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Friday, August 12, 2016

Matt Weaver and Finance of America Mortgage Endorsed by NAR'S Most Influential Mike Ferry

We wanted to share a video with you today of an interview Matt did recently with Mike Ferry at the Mike Ferry Superstar Retreat in Las Vegas, Nevada, in front of an audience of more than 4,000 fellow real estate professionals.

In the beginning, Matt makes an important proclamation to everyone in the room: they will have a profound effect on the world’s largest economy in the next 12 months. You see, the 4,000 agents there each average about $1 million in annual sales per year. That’s a total of $4 billion in real estate sales. The NAR claims that for every $1 in real estate sales, that equates to $1.62 in economic activity. This effect, then, contributes $6.5 billion to the national GDP.

In receiving Mike Ferry’s endorsement, they discussed other valuable information regarding the current state of the economy and how the Pulse Team differs from other lenders across the country. Namely, how our Realtor-centric business model serves the real estate community better than the consumer-centric model offered by our competitors.

Real estate agents are our lifeblood. We understand your sales cycle, and we live to serve you, our client.

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**The opinion shared in this post are the opinion of Matt Weaver only and do not reflect the opinion of Finance of America Mortgage, its parent company, or affiliates.**