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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Morning Shot, Our Why in 3:17 seconds

This is it. I really started to get into podcasts over the last few months to help boost my day, podcasts are a great way to squeeze the most value of every moment of the day. When I’m driving to a meeting I can tune in to an audio book or commentary from one of my favorite visionaries and stimulate my thinking to help improve myself and my business. Technology has truly provided exponential opportunity for sharing the information we desire to improve every aspect of our lives.

The only issue I keep coming into is that all of these podcasts tend to be on the longer side – 30 minutes or more. I actually came across one that was really interesting the other day on German volume training, but it was upwards of two hours. But I don’t always have two hours, and it’s tough to nit pick the same podcast over the course of a couple weeks to extract the major points I need to know. What I really wanted was just a quick shot, something short but impactful to get my day started. 

A few years ago I worked with a coach to help me build my business. Every day we grinded it out, reaching out to prospects, booking meetings, building relationships. Every day part of our routine was to some how learn one thing more about our business than we did yesterday. I would say at that time I was relatively successful, but I vividly remember when the new Scottsman guide came out with their annual listing of top loan officers, my coach looked at me and said “one day Matt you are going to be on that list, it’s the little things those guys do every single day that separates them from the herd.” Today I am grateful to say that I am on that list, and I attribute that to the discipline and perpetual curiosity I’ve developed for finding a way today to be better than yesterday.

Your daily shot is the solution I proposed to my own problem. This is what I want to wake up to every day – brief but powerful shots of stories and wisdom from industry leaders that can be applied to my daily life for expanding my business. Many of my professional partners operate with the same passion and vigor as myself and expressed their desire to start their day the same way, and my hope is that you can find the same value in its practicality as we do. 2 minutes every morning to hear from visionaries the likes of Gary Keller and Zappos Founder Tony Hsieh, to excerpts from renowned books such as The Greatest Salesman in the World, every morning we take cues from those wiser than ourselves to move the needle just a little more in our favor in our pursuit of greatness. 

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